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What you should know

The most important mission of cutting and polishing a gemstone and converting it into a sparkling colourful ornament after it is unearthed from the ground lies in the hands of skilled craftsmen who are trained form generation to generation. These ornaments are valued highly and they are often a legacy for generations.

Valuing and identifying diamonds, gems or pearls or gold, silver or platinum can be a time consuming and tedious task. Knowing the subject is important for a gem and jewellery merchant. For example, gold jewellery is pure gold alloyed with another metal, such as copper for strength. Gold jewellery can be plated, or in other words 'filled'. When it comes to gemstones, a carat means a weight measurement of a stone

Purchasing jewellery should be done with careful consideration and adequate time. There are several important measures to be followed, make the purchases from a recognised and recommended jeweller and make sure to do a bit of research. Check if you are getting value for money by getting an appraisal from an independent gemmologist preferably certifies the most accurate method of establishing value. Prices can vary on similar items from dealer to dealer. You should shop around and compare prices on items of similar quality before settling on one. The gemstone quality is a major factor in calculating the accurate value of a piece of jewellery.